Monte Chats

In 2015, Monte started posting online what he calls "Monte Chats." They are inspirational chats on health, fitness, and other self-development topics. Since so many people have told us how much they enjoy these, we have created a catalog for you to view. We hope you enjoy Monte's Chats!

Baruka Nuts

Be A Good Boyscout

Bootcamp For Your Taste Buds

Counting Calories


Creating Your New Normal

Eating Out & Hidden Oil In Your Food

Finding Your New Normal

Food As Love

Food Portion Sizes

Goal Setting

How You Treat Yourself & Other Is What Defines You

If The Food Is Processed Your Body Processes It Differently

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can't You're Right

Intermitent Fasting 101

Its Never Too Late To Transform Yourself

Keeping Yourself Accountable

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine & Thy Medicine Be Thy Food

Mindful Eating 2

Natural Sugars vs Added Refined Sugars


Programming Your Brain For Positivity

Random Acts Either Food For The Soul Or Actions That Can Darken Your Spirit

Setting Realistic Expectations For Yourself

Sometimes When You Feel The Least Like Doing Something, Is When You Need It The Most

Stop Chasing the Sweet

Stress Eating & Keeping Your Commitments

Success Is Not Final

Switching Gears In Times Of Adversity

The Joy Of Food Prepping

The Importance Of Listening To Your Gut Instinct

The Importance Of Loving Yourself

The Power Of Positive Affirmations

The Power Of Living Your Life Mindfully

The Science Of Weight Loss

There Is No Magic Pill

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

When You Are Stressed Out, You Have To Shift Your Focus

Why It's Important to Detox From Sugar & Other Bad Food

Why It's Important To Remove Toxic People, Relationships, & Situations From Your Life

Why Most Diets & Health Regimes Don't Work

Why Stevia Is Bad For You

Why You May Be Stuck With Your Weight Loss

Why You Should Count Calories

You are perfectly imperfect

You Have To Work On The Inside To See The Results On The Outside