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Caputo Tipo 1 Pizza Flour - 450 Calories Per Cup

I read an article that Caputo flour is the best flour to make pizza with. When I tried it with the 3 ingredient dough recipe, my pizzas came out amazing! This flour does make a big difference, especially with the 3 ingredient dough recipe.

Type 1 flour from Caputo is a traditional soft wheat flour preparation that is sifted less than the Type 0 and Type 00 preparations, so as to retain more of the original bran and wheat germ. This gives Type 1 flour a light brown color with a distinctive flavor profile from the more refined Type 0/Type 00 preparations.

Since the bran and the germ contain all the nutrients in wheat, I use this one to make my pizzas most of the time. If I am having company, I make some with Tipo 1 and some with Tipo 00.

I buy this flour on Amazon. Some people have told me they found it at their local Whole Foods Store, but the Whole Foods stores near me do not carry it.

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