Breakfast Tostada Topped with Heart Shaped Eggs -363 Calories

Two breakfast tostadas with avocado, heart shaped fried eggs, corn, chopped jalapeños, onions, and tomato. With a side of organic blackberries and strawberries.

2 eggs = 140 Calories

58 grams of Hass avocado = 93 Calories

2 Charras corn tostadas = 80 Calories

1/8 cup of sweet corn = 16 Calories

4 Strawberries = 15 Calories

2 Cherry tomatoes = 6 Calories

8 Raspberries = 4 Calories

I bought the heart shaped silicon egg molds on Amazon. I bought the Charras tostadas at my local Publix market.

Learn how to make breakfast tostadas. To get make the heart shaped fried eggs, I used a silicone egg mold that I purchased on Amazon. Just put egg molds in the search bar on Amazon to find them.