Mini Egg Bundt Cake - 198 Calories

A spinach, smoked salmon, and tomato whole egg frittata baked in a mini Bundt cake pan.

2 eggs = 140 Calories

1/2 ounce if smoked salmon = 17 Calories

2 Strawberries = 8 Calories

8 blueberries = 6 calories

1/2 mandarin orange = 20 Calories

1/8 cup of spinach = 1 Calorie

2 cherry tomatoes = 6 Calories.


To make this I sprayed a mini Bundt cake pan that I bought on Amazon with a little extra virgin olive oil spray. I then put in the bottom spinach, then the tomatoes, then the smoked salmon, and then poured on top two beaten eggs. I added a little sea salt garlic powder and pepper and baked it in the oven at 400° for 17 minutes. Came out perfect.