Breakfast quesadilla.PNG

Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, & Cheese Quesadilla - 433 Calories

A scrambled eggs, chicken bacon, and cheddar cheese quesadillas with salsa Verde and organic kiwi and strawberries.

2 eggs = 140 Calories

2 Ole Carb counter whole wheat tortillas = 100 Calories

2 slices of Sargento thinly sliced cheddar cheese = 90 Calories

1 kiwi = 46 Calories

2 slices of Al Fresco Chicken Bacon = 35 Calories

3 Strawberries = 12 Calories

2 tablespoons of salsa Verde = 10 Calories

I buy the Ole Carb Counter whole wheat tortillas at target. I bought a George Foreman quesadilla maker on Amazon and I used it to make the quesadillas.

Learn how to make quesadillas using the George Foreman quesadilla maker.