Barbie's Pot-O-Chicken - 331 Calories

I posted a video below of my friend Debbie showing us how to make her mother’s famous pot-of-chicken. This is my favorite chicken dish! So delicious.

Tragically Debbie's mother Barbie passed away this year of Covid-19. We will miss her dearly but her recipe lives on. It is delicious!

6 ounces if chicken breast = 281 Calories

5 ounces of carrots, mushrooms, & onion = 58 Calories.

To calculate this I weighed the chicken first. Then I weighed the carrots, tomatoes, and mushrooms all together and counted it as carrots. To calculate the calories. I thought this was a pretty safe way to do it.


RIP Barbie

Learn how to make Barbie's Pot-Of-Chicken.