Chicken Quesadillas - 567 Calories

Chicken, avocado, onion, and cheddar cheese quesadillas. With a side of salsa Verde.

6.7 ounces of chicken = 313 Calories

2 Ole Extreme Wellness low carb tortillas = 100 calories

3/4 ounce of mild cheddar cheese = 83 Calories

30 grams of avocado.= 48 Calories

3 Tablespoons of Salsa Verde = 15 Calories

1/8 cup of onion = 8 Calories

I used my George Foreman quesadilla maker to make this. I bought it on Amazon.

The Ole tortillas are available at most grocery stores and Target.

Learn how to make quesadillas using the George Foreman Grill.