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Onion & Cheese Pizza - 788 Calories

A cheese, onion, and garlic pizza using Caputo 00 flour (a white flour).

I read about the Caputo 00 flour how it’s the best flour to make pizza with. It’s very finely ground and it comes from Italy. I must say this pizza came out the best that I’ve ever made and the only thing different is the flour. I’m a believer in this flour.

This 13 inch pizza was 788 calories. I know it sounds like a lot of calories but considering a restaurant or store bought pizza this size would be about 2000 calories, not so bad after all..

I bought the flour on Amazon

1 cup of Caputo 00 flour = 400 Calories

1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese = 144 Calories

1/2 cup of Muir Glen organic tomato sauce = 50 Calories

2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese = 40 Calories

4 cloves of garlic = 18 Calories

1/4 cup of onion = 16 Calories

1 cup of Fage nonfat yogurt = 120 Calories