Three Ingredient Dough Recipe

It is so easy to make the 3 ingredient dough. I use the same recipe for pizza crust and for the bagels and rolls. The only difference is the type of flout I use.

For Pizza I use the Caputo 00 (white flour) and the Caputo Tipo 1 (whole wheat) to make pizza crust.

For bagels and rolls, I use a bread flour.


In a bowl mix:

1 cup of flour

1 cup of plain nonfat greet yogurt (it must be a plain nonfat firm Greet yogurt or the dough wont come out right.

2 teaspoons of baking powder.

Mix until their is no more loose flour in the bowl. The dough is more moist than regular pizza dough and you will have to use your hand at the end to knead the dough and get all the loose flower to stick together and make a dough ball out of it.

Once you make a dough ball out of the dough, sprinkle the top and bottom of the dough ball with a little bit of flour.

You will now be ready to hand form your pizza on a nonstick pan sprayed with extra virgin olive oil spray.

I have included a link below of a video on how to make pizza.