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Baruka Nuts - 140 Calories Per 1/4 Cup

This is one of my favorite pre-workout snacks: 1/4 cup of Baruka nuts.

Baruka nuts are touted as the healthiest nut in the world.

  • DELICIOUS SUPERFOOD: Barùkas nuts have a flavor that's often described as a hybrid of different nuts, with notes of cocoa and popcorn with a satisfying crunch.
  • GOOD FOR YOU: Barùkas nuts have more fiber and fewer calories than any other nut. They’re loaded with antioxidants, with more than 3x the antioxidant power of other nuts.
  • GOOD FOR THE PLANET: These nuts grow in the wild in South America, with no artificial irrigation, pesticides, or fertilizers. We plant a tree for every 5 lbs sold to help reforest the area.
  • GOOD FOR THE WORLD COMMUNITY: We work with the local community to forage for the nuts in the wild, allowing indigenous people to make a living off the land.
  • PERFECT FOR RECIPES: Their unmistakable crunch and rich flavor opens up endless culinary possibilities. They make a great butter or nut milk, and are delicious when paired with dark chocolate.

They are absolutely my favorite nut. They are expensive, but worth every penny. I buy them on Amazon.

Learn about Baruka nuts.