Split Pea Soup.PNG

Split Pea Soup - 130 Calories Per Cup

Homemade split pea soup made in the crockpot pressure cooker. I love making soup in the Crockpot pressure cooker because it is so quick and easy cleanup.


Rinse the split peas and then put 4 cups of peas into the crockpot. Next add 10 cups of chicken stock, eight pieces of chopped Al Fresco chicken bacon, 1/4 medium onion chopped, three chopped cloves of garlic, sea salt, and black pepper. I then closed up the crockpot and pushed the soup button which started the crockpot for 30 minutes.

When the 30 minutes are up, open the crockpot and stirred it very well. The split peas should be disintegrated and you will not need to put the soup thru a blender like I have to cook them on the stovetop.

If the soup is very thick, add more chicken stock to get the consistency you would like to have. Add additional salt and black pepper to taste.

The electronic crockpot I used is also known as a crockpot pressure cooker. The brand is Crockpot. 😍